Friday, 7 July 2017

A Guide on How to Find the Right Lawyer


Lawyer is somebody you require if you're experiencing a difficulty concerning some of your legitimate issues whether it's a personal injury case, negligence, divorce or whatever other sort of lawful cases. The difficult part is the way to locate the right lawyer to represent you in a court of law.

There are many of them on the Internet which makes it difficult to find the most trusted and talented one in this profession. There are couples of things you have to consider and organize first before diving into employing a suitable lawyer for you case. Below is a guide to help you make an informed decision.

You need to decide whether your picked lawyer is accessible to enable you to determine your issues. It's best for you to test your lawyer if he truly is accessible to help you. Try to leave a message, send an email or a fax and decide how long it takes him to reply.

For the most part, lawyers can answer on the same business day you sent the message; if not the secretary can send his message. Emails are better since it's speedier and simpler.

Then again, if your lawyer is on the telephone throughout the day, or is with a higher paying customer or is saying will get you up later yet has not done as such, he isn't the correct one. It unquestionably implies he can't help you with your issues.

Something else that you should consider deliberately is the measure of cash that you will wind up spending on lawyer services. It is certainly true that a few lawyers are equipped for charging high rates for their administrations.

While this won't be an issue for you if you can bear to spend more, by far most of individuals searching for legitimate portrayal are not precisely swimming in real money and as such will be more hesitant to put a great deal of cash in lawyer administrations. If you invest enough time it is feasible for you to locate some great deals on lawyer administrations, yet the rates you need to pay will vary according to a wide range of things.

One of the main things that you should do is spend time searching for a lawyer that specializes in the area of law that you are looking for help. For instance, if you require help with criminal defense then you ought to make a special effort to discover a lawyer or law office that specializes in this area of the law.

You need to discover a lawyer that knows everything there is to think about the specific legitimate issues you are handling, and keeping in mind that there are unquestionably lawyers out there that know about all parts of the law, you need the ones that are specialized.

The correct lawyer must have what it takes so he can help in settling your issues. Gaining from course readings is great however insufficient. Skills are found out from reading material as well as from the lawyer's reasonable encounters as well.

For the most part, nations have a principal association where lawyers can enlist. These associations have sites enabling you to seek lawyers as indicated by their skills or mastery and even their areas.

The times of experience that the lawyer has is a critical and not to be neglected criteria. In addition to the fact that they should have encounter specializing in legal matters, however particularly in the area in which you require lawful representation. A lawyer might be awesome at land matters however not very great with criminal cases.

In some cases when searching for an expert, age is used as a deciding variable. Be that as it may, this is not really a decent marker of a lawyer's understanding or abilities. Some of the time a youthful lawyer attempting to make his or her mark will work harder to win a case and make a decent showing with regards to for their customer.

This is a key aspect if you need to hand the case over your support. An appropriate communication between the lawyer and customer will prompt exceptional outcomes. Additionally, a lawyer must be steady to the customer since the customer needs a great deal more than the expert help from the lawyer.

If conceivable get references from previous customers and check them out if you can. Attempt and discover what number of cases they have won. Additionally, of equivalent significance, while choosing a lawyer attempt to see whether he or she is viewed as being proficient in their dealings. Try not to be reluctant to ask relatives, colleague among others for proposals. If you are experiencing a divorce, ask somebody who may have had a divorce to prescribe a lawyer.

If you require a lawyer for minor reasons like purchasing a house, working together, setting up a Will and others, you should discover a lawyer who's nearer to your home or work. It would truly be tiring to make a trip for quite a long time just to counsel a lawyer on frivolous issues.

Be that as it may, if your issues are entangled, (for example, tax, work or diversifying issues), at that point go travel and locate the correct lawyer who can help you. By doing that, you can spare more cash and worry in a matter of moments.

Be that as it may, with the coming of innovation, you would already be able to brief a lawyer through phone, email, and social media among other technologies. Along these lines, you spare time, gas, cash and stress.

Your solace level 
Never doubt your sentiments. When you have done all the vital due tirelessness, take a seat with the lawyer you have chosen. You should take after your feelings when conversing with any forthcoming lawyer.

Attempt to disentangle whether they appear to be really inspired by your case and in helping you. If you are not happy with the lawyer you have picked you won't be a solid match. If you have any questions, discover another lawyer. You must be comfortable with your lawyer and trust that they will work to your greatest advantage.


There are a huge number of lawyers out there and it's difficult to pick the correct lawyer to enable you to handle lawful issues and so forth. Remember all the previously mentioned tips when employing a lawyer for your case. One wrong move could take a tremendous measure of cash from you in the firm of fine or can land you in prison.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Top 9 Tips For Choosing a Good Lawyer

If you have gone through your entire life without the need of a lawyer, then you should count yourself among the lucky few. In the modern world, there is very little that you can do without the help of a lawyer. For instance, it is very hard to go through a legal process without the need of a legal representation. Whether you are buying property, you have been involved in an accident, you have an insurance claim or having been sued, you need to have a legal representation. But there have been numerous issues, particularly with rogue lawyers. How do you ensure that you have hired a good lawyer? Here are tips for choosing a good lawyer:

• Identify your needs
Identifying the reason why you need a lawyer should the first thing to think about. Why is this important? Not everyone with a tag of a lawyer can help solve your problems. There are different types of lawyers with each having been specialized in a certain area. For instance, a real estate lawyer may not help you deal with a criminal problem- you need to look for a criminal lawyer. By identifying your need, it will be easy to identify the right lawyer to go for. This way, you will not fall into the hands of do-it-all lawyers who are mostly incompetent.

• Research on the lawyer
Having identified the need and the type of lawyer, the nest step should be researching on the best. Even though lawyers may be dealing in this same field, there is always that thing that sets them apart. Do not make a mistake by settling on the first lawyer or law firm. You need to do some background check up on several of the to make sure that you have gotten the right one. You can do the research online or ask from friends about the best one to go for. If they have a website, check their customer reviews and mostly the negative reviews.

• Connection with the lawyer
The connection that you have with the lawyer must generate positive energy. You need to feel connected positively with the lawyer for you to create the necessary synergy. It is important to note that you have to work as a group with the lawyers. Without this energy and synergy, you might fail to get the expected results. It is, therefore important to make sure that there is that positivity even before you start with the real job. If you meet the lawyer for first and you dislike them, please don't hire them. Perception and trusting your instincts is very important in legal matters.

• Ask who will be assigned to you
For the law firms, they sell their services through the name of the owners or the company’s reputation. One thing that you need to realize is the fact that they have many lawyers working for the company. These are employees and are assigned cases by the director or the firm owner. In most cases, the �big’ lawyers will mostly work on the big cases. You need to know the lawyer the lawyer that you will be assigned to. Some of the lawyers are fresh from college and they may not have gained the necessary experience. If you don’t like them, the firm may switch them.

• Ask For the Track Record
It is important to know the track record of the lawyer that you are hiring. Some of the lawyers have a horrible track record and not worth hiring. Imagine hiring a lawyer who has never won a single case in their entire lives? What guarantees does the offer that they will win yours? You might end adding to the statistics of their losing record. Make sure that they have an impressive record that can foster confidence in you. If their track record is questionable or it does not appear that attractive, go for another one.

• The attitude of the Lawyer
The attitude of the lawyer towards you is an important factor to be considered. One thing that you need to note is whether the lawyer is giving close attention to you. How is he/she treating you? Are they showing any emphasis on your case? When you ask questions do they provide you with an adequate answer? These are some of the factors that you need to look out for. These factors have a lot to do with the attitude of the lawyer and how they might execute your problem. Make sure that they have the right attitude, particularly towards you as the client.

• Conflict of interest
The worst mistake that you can do to yourself is hiring someone who has an interest in the matter that you want to be solved. Lawyers dictate the outcome of the process and thus they can take it into a direction that will favor them. You will never get justice. This is why it is important to ensure that you have researched extensively to make sure that they are an interested party in the matter. Conflict of interest may come in different ways; may the lawyer is party to the problem or they are representing the other side in another matter. It can also be that the person you are having issues with is a family member to the lawyer.

• Paperwork
Make sure the paperwork is right from the start and do not sign anything if there are some discrepancies. You need to be very careful with lawyers who are more interested in signing the retainer agreement rather than interacting with you first. Most of these lawyers are rogue. If they do not give you ample time to read the document, know that there is something sinister about them. Always make sure that the paperwork is okay before you append a signature. Go for a lawyer who gives you time to study the agreement and one who is ready to explain any unclear detail.

• Their current workload
The number of cases that the lawyer is handling at the moment is a crucial factor that you must consider. Remember that your case will be put in a queue and if their current workload is too much. You might wait for months before the case is heard. Make sure that the lawyer has few cases to deal so that you get justice quickly.


If you need quick legal results, go for a professional lawyer. Experience, reputation, and track record are key factors that you need to emphasize on. If you can follow our guideline to the letter, you will definitely find one of the best lawyers in town.

Monday, 6 March 2017

12 Tips On How To Find A Good Lawyer

How successful your case will be depends on various things including your state law, your financial and psychological stability, and merits of the claim. However, finding a good lawyer is a major step towards winning any legal case. This means that you should focus all your efforts on finding the best lawyer in the specific area of your legal issue. So how do you find a good lawyer that will help you win your case? To help you, here are steps on how to find a good lawyer.

1. Determine the type of attorney that you need
When looking for lawyer services, it is important to find one that has the specialized expertise in the area your case involves. Also, it is advisable that the attorney you get to be familiar with the area and laws in the area that you live. By doing this, you will be very sure that they will represent your interests best.

2. Conduct your local bar association for qualified attorneys in your area
After determining the type of attorney that you will need in your case, you will now start looking for the ones that best suits your needs. One of the best places to start with is your local bar association. Local bar associations keep lawyers records including disciplinary actions and complaints against all lawyers that are licensed to practice in your area. Apart from this, they also have free referral services that you can use to help you find a good qualified lawyer in your area.

3. Review online listings 
One of the best sources where you can find potential attorneys is through websites. There are many websites that are dedicated towards offering free reviews of lawyers. For best results, you should cross reference from at least two websites. This way, you will be able to find out if there is bias in a certain review. Also, be sure to review their profile to know the various actions they take concerning various cases especially the case involving you.

4. Get recommendations from Friends and Family 
Word of mouth has always been one of the bet sources of valuable information. Talk to your family and friends and find out if there is any of them who has ever used a lawyer. If you find there is, find out their experience with the lawyer they hired and the services that they offer. Also, ask if they were happy with the services and whether they would recommend the lawyer.

5. Make a list of the attorneys and review them
After conducting researching, the next step should be to come up with a list of all the potential lawyers that you have found. This is to help you conduct your search faster and in an organized way. The list should include the lawyers name, their phone number, address, and website address.

6. Make appointment with the ones remaining on your list
After creating a list of your possible lawyers, you should contact each of their offices and schedule a consultation. You will find that most of them will give free consultation appointments. However, you may come across some that charge a small fee for a consultation. Therefore, you should be certain whether you will be charged when making the appointment.

7. Write questions to ask
Most of the general information concerning the lawyer may be available online. This includes where they went to school, and how long they have been in the practice. For this reason, your in-person questions should only ask about matters that are specific to your case. You can ask whether they have ever been reprimanded, how quickly they can start on your case, how long they can take to complete it, and their success rate. They should not be hesitant, seem unsure, or have any problem answering any of these questions.

8. Evaluate the lawyer 
When you attend your consultation, you should feel free to take notes as you talk with the lawyer. Take note of what each attorney said and what were your initial impressions. You should treat your meeting as a job interview since you are interviewing them for the job. If the lawyer makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, you should choose someone different. If you find that more than one lawyer qualifies, you should choose the one that you are more comfortable with. This is because your relationship with them can either make or break your case.

9. Ask for references 
Just like when hiring an employee, you should also ask for references when hiring a lawyer. Ask for a list of the clients they have worked with previously and choose whether to consult them or not. You can also ask for other lawyers practicing different areas that can comment on their skills.

10. Understand the Charges 
Most lawyers bill for their services in three ways, an hourly fees, a contingency fee or a flat fee. You should understand how the attorney charges for their services and determine if you can afford them. Consider the amount that you are willing to spend on the case and ask if the lawyer will be willing to handle your case for that amount. If you cannot afford the services, you can ask for other payment options available so that you can be able to pay through however low your income may be.

11. The size of the firm may matter
Just like any other businesses, law firms also vary in sizes ranging from that with one lawyer to those with many lawyers. Although big companies will consider hiring big and well established firms, you should not have a problem hiring a lawyer from a smaller firm depending on your case. If you are a big company or your case is complicated, you may hire a big law firm that can handle your complicated matters.

12. Execute the contract 
Finally, after choosing the lawyer that best suits your needs, they will provide you with an engagement letter or retainer to seal the contract. These documents define the nature of the legal engagement between you two and the terms and conditions of your agreement.


With these tips, you should now be in a very good position to make an excellent decision in choosing a lawyer that will help you win your case.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Auto Accident - Private Settlement VS Claiming Insurance

When you meet an auto accident, then you go through a very complicated time. An accident not only break your mentally and physically, but it can hurt your financially as well. Thankfully if you have a working insurance, then you can get rid of the financial trouble by claiming insurance. But sometimes claiming insurance is not always the right way for you. I am saying this because is not as easy as it looks because you would have to go to court and many people prefer not to do that. That is why many people prefer to choose private settlement instead of claiming insurance in the court. If you also met an auto accident and you are not sure for the right method, then I can help you in that. I am going to share some of the basic differences between private settlement vs claiming insurance and later you can take your decision accordingly.

Mistake: At the time of claiming insurance, insurance companies will check each and everything. They will check who caused the accident and what other factors affected the accident. If you were driving in a drunk situation, then it will be solely your mistake and you would not want to go for claiming insurance. In that situation doing a private settlement is always a better idea for you. This is just one example or condition reasons could be anything. If you realise it is your mistake, then you should go ahead for the settlement else opt to claim the insurance and leave rest to the insurance companies.

Minor accident: Sometimes it may not be your fault, nor it may be a fault of another person. But you met an accident in which you chipped or damaged a small part of your car, which is neither important nor costly. In such cases, if you would go for claiming insurance, then things are going get very lengthy for you. In such situation, time could increase by several folds and it is also possible that you would not get any claim from your insurance provider. That is why if the accident is minor, then instead of calming insurance you should go ahead with the private settlement for a quick and easy solution.

No one was involved: Sometimes you may face some accidents in which no other person was involved. For example, you tried parking your car in a tight spot and you pressed accelerator instead of break and you made a dent in your car. Now claiming insurance would never be a good idea for you because it is solely your mistake. In such situation, you can’t ask anyone else as well for the private settlement. And if the damage is low, then the difference between deductible settlement cost wouldn’t be much for you. So, filling an insurance claim in this situation would never be a good idea in any condition.

Trust between you both: When you meet an accident and other person comes out, accept his mistakes, says sorry to you and offer the private settlement, then claiming insurance would never be a good thing. If another person is reasonable and offering you a fair deal for the damage then you should take the offer of the private settlement. But if another person is not trustworthy or completely stranger for you, then you may not trust him blindly. In that situation, you should take necessary actions accordingly to avoid any kind of complications.

Damage situation: If you realize that damage is extensive, then going ahead with the insurance claim is always a good idea. Even if other party claim they can do the private settlement, it is advised you prefer claiming insurance. If your car is totaled, then you should involve the insurance company and you should allow the company to deal with the situation. The cost of repair may get very high in a totalled car and in some cases this cost could be as much as a new car. I don’t have to explain it that private settlement may not include that kind of expense. And if there is any medical situation, then you need to think about that as well. So, if the damage is extensive claiming insurance is always the better way compared to the private settlement.

Serious injury; Sometime your car accident might not be that much serious but you may suffer a serious injury due to that accident. You need to understand that medical bills can keep on increasing and private settlement may not be a good option in that situation. Also, if you will talk about the private settlement, then you will have to share all the bills including medical records. Many people would prefer not to share those details with unknown people. So, it does not matter you are at a faulty part or injured part, you will always have issues in the payment part. So, keep this thing in your mind and go ahead for claiming insurance in case of any injury.

Force for mechanic selection: Once you meet an accident and other driver want to choose the private settlement only when you take your car to his mechanic, then claiming insurance would be a better choice. You never know if the other driver’s mechanic is good enough or not. If you trust the other mechanic, then you should choose the option of taking private settlement else you should go for the insurance claim. And if you are at fault side, then you should give a freedom to other drive for selection of mechanic or shop for repair.

In addition this, sometimes it is also possible that other drive would offer cash to you instantly for private settlement without an estimate. If he does it, then chances are high he knows there are some serious damage to your car and if you get the estimate then things could get massive for you. So, keep this kind of things as well in your mind before you decide for claiming insurance of doing a private settlement. Once you are fine and confident about either of the option then only go ahead for same and take your decision in a wise manner.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Advice On Choosing The Right Lawyer

It doesn't matter if you have a small business or if you are dealing with an international corporation, there are problems that can occur from time to time. In some cases, you're going to be able to handle the problems on your own but in others, you may have a need for some type of legal advice. That's is why it is very important for you to make sure that you have a lawyer by your side before those problems ever occur. After all, it can help you to build a level of trust with that attorney that is going to benefit you, should any type of difficulty ever arise.

You need to do a little bit of research so that you choose one that is going to work well for you. Some attorneys are going to be more personable and they may work with your personality more than others. This is certainly something that you would want to keep in mind because if a stressful situation comes up, you would want to feel comfortable with the attorney that you chose.

At some point in one's life, it's likely that they'll face charges they'll want to fight. Securing the right lawyer for the case at hand, and the individual being charged is the key to success.

By following some easy steps, one can match themselves with a lawyer that can work the system and relieve them of some or all the charges brought against them. It's true that even those who have gone through the legal process before can have problems working with certain law professionals. Suffer much less stress and have more success by following these tips.

Try to Avoid the Common Mistakes

There are many common mistakes that one can make when searching for a lawyer. While it's normal to be stressed out during a legal battle, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is the defendant's life and the outcome could change it exponentially.

When on the hunt for a Rhode Island attorney, keep in mind these common mistakes:

- Don't choose a lawyer based on a television commercial
- Never pick a lawyer from The Yellow Pages
-Don't trust ads that come in the mailbox

The best ways to find a legitimate attorney is through friends, family, and coworkers. Getting personal recommendations will put one's mind at ease; Especially when going through such a tough process.

Get References
As earlier stated, the excellent way to secure an attorney is by word of mouth. When the defendant gets advice from someone they trust, it goes a long way.

Another way to get references that is via the Internet. A quick Internet search can reveal reviews and ratings for several Rhode Island attorneys. This can help the accused to determine if they want to work with the individual and if they would be a good professional match.

It's also important to choose the lawyer based on their area of specialty. Make sure they have plenty of experience and a proven record of success in the subject matter of the case at hand. When they practice the type of law needed, there's a better chance that the results will be favorable.

Learn about their Payment Methods
No one wants to be surprised when it comes time to pay their legal professional. That's why it's important to find out their payment methods ahead of time. Most Rhode Island attorneys will ask for a retainer. This is an upfront fee based on the estimated total cost of their services. One must understand that there's no way for a law professional to know exactly how much the case will cost especially if they charge by the hour.

For this reason, it's important to get an estimate in writing that includes what's the lawyer's plan of action is, and when the or how they plan to execute it.

Track their Progress
One way that your mind and wallet can be put at ease is by tracking the attorney throughout the entire process. This can be done by keeping notes and securing all paperwork in a folder. Keep the timeline or outline that was provided by the lawyer and hold on to their promises.

If only a retainer was paid and not the amount for the case in full, then the defendant can hold off paying a professional until they've met their end of the bargain. Of course, it's always nice to work the professional relationship by keeping the lines of communication open throughout the case.

Experience Matters To A Great Extent
Before choosing the legal services of the attorney, you should consider their expectation. As you must be very well aware, it can be divided into different categories:-

As it's a well-known fact, consider the years of experience they have been in the business.Of course, you can easily find the difference between an experienced lawyer and someone who has just started their career.

A lawyer who has been in the niche for a long time knows more about the courtroom practices, and so he can assure you with great results. They can deal with any unexpected events within the shortest possible time.

While experience plays a very crucial role, you should also consider the geographical area while choosing a lawyer. What this mean is that a lawyer from a particular state may not be aware of all the rules and regulations. Along with it, laws vary from one state to another. So you should always look for an attorney who has lived in your area for a long time.

When it comes to dealing with legal issues, there are many subjects and practices which one needs to understand. You should look for someone who has specialized in the particular niche in which you are interested. If you are searching for a lawyer to represent you in the criminal case, then you should always focus on hiring someone who specializes.

There are many problems that can occur in the course of your business which would require some type of legal assistance as well. It is important that, when choosing an lawyer, you choose one that is going to be able to represent you in most of those cases. This will help to make it more beneficial for you and to keep you from having to jump from one attorney to another, depending upon which problems you are experiencing. Incidentally, once you have an established relationship with an attorney, they may also be able to help you with any personal problems that arise as well. Since you have them on retainer for your business, it is likely that they will work hard for you on any personal problems.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How To Claim For Water Damage

Though there is no doubt that water is life and life is water, too much of water can come with its own share of problems and devastation. Each year, not only in Singapore, but also in other parts of the world we come across dozens of cases where excess water might have caused extensive damage. It could have ruined bridges, roads and public infrastructure. It could also have damaged homes, properties, parks and even nursing homes and hospitals. Hence as an end user of water we must know the downsides of too much water and must be prepared to face the various eventualities associated with it.

As far as individual homes and apartments are concerned, it is important to have some basic idea as to how one could protect themselves from financial and other losses caused by water damage. While taking proactive and preventive measures are the best ways forward, this might always not happen. If you are staying on rent, the landlord may not have put the required safety attributes in place. If you own a home or apartment of your own, certain wrongdoings by your neighbors or the public utility service providers could lead to damages being caused by water.

Insuring The Home Is The Best Way Forward

Since water damages are unpredictable and you do not know as to when they happen, you must be prepared for it well in advance. As mentioned above you could take some reasonable care to ensure that you take preventive steps to avoid damages to your property, furniture and fixtures and other movable assets because of water. However, if still you face losses and damages having a suitable insurance policy could be helpful. It could help you to lodge a claim with the insurance company and get compensated for the losses which you might have suffered. However, you must be aware of the terms and conditions which are covered under the policy. Here are a few aspects which are usually covered by insurance companies with regard to damages caused by water.

Water leaks leading to property damage is almost certainly covered by most insurance policies. It could be because of broken pipes, sewers or because of seepage or drain water. However, here too the onus lies on the home owner to prove that that the damage has been caused by extraneous factors over which the owner has no control.

Roof leaks are one of the biggest reasons for loss of property and damage to costly fixtures and fittings. Hence, when going in for an insurance policy against damage caused by water, this factor should be taken into account. Before signing on the dotted line it is important to be doubly sure that roof leaks and the damages they cause are a part of the insurance policy. The quantum of reimbursement and compensation payable are also pre-set by many insurance companies and the same should also be always taken into account.

Bursting of water tanks and leakages from sprinklers and other installations are also usually covered under such policies. But here too the quantum of coverage varies from one service provider to another and also on the quantum of coverage that you are opting for as an insurance company. Hence, this point must never be lost sight of when going in for insurance policies.

Floods are by default covered by almost each and insurance companies and therefore as a customer you should try and get the best deal out of it under all circumstances. You must try and include everything in your homes under such flood related policies because a nasty flood could wipe out almost everything.

Things Which Are Not Usually Covered

While we have talked about events and happenings which are covered under insurance policies, there are quite a few exceptions to the rule about which also we must be aware of. Here are a few such exceptions which must be taken into account while negotiating an insurance policy:

Water damages sometimes could be caused by willful destruction of properties and other such happenings. These are strictly out of the ambit of insurance coverage and as a customer you must be aware of the same.

Damages caused because of wear and tear and depreciation where water has a role to play is also not covered under such insurance claim. For example, taps, faucets, water pipes, sewage pipes, and other such constructions go through natural wear and tear. Hence is water damage is caused because of such ageing and other normal decaying processes, the same are usually not covered by insurance companies.

Damages caused by nuclear weapons and other factors such as ionizing radiations are normally not covered by many insurance companies.

Damages are often caused by pipes which are rusted or because of bad and poor maintenance of the piping and plumbing systems. These damages are not covered by most insurance companies. However, some companies might cover it, but the premium cost will be extremely high and it may not offer the right value for money.

How To File A Damage Claim

Though the best option would be to stay away from such water damages, you cannot predict how nature will behave. Hence if you are faced with a situation where genuine damage has occurred because of water, you must be in a position to file the right claim so that you are adequately compensated for the loss. Here are a few steps which could help you in this regard.

If an accident occurs ensure that life is not put at risk. Once you are sure damage is occurred call the appropriate authorities. Try and take steps to prevent further loss.

Take photographs of the damaged area if possible because it will stand in good stead as a witness.

The damage can be informed to the insurer over phone or through mail and other mobile apps. If possible attach photographs which you have taken.

You must fill out the formal claim form along with supporting documents. The insurance policy number, the premium paid details and other such things could help hasten things.

You must put a value for the damages suffered by you, though the final call on the compensation will be taken by the insurance companies.

Monday, 10 October 2016

How To Claim For Bicycle Accident?

Bicycling has become a very popular means of transportation, both for recreation and for commuting to work. As the price of gas has skyrocketed, more people are turning to their bicycles as an economical means of transportation. It is also a great alternative for those who are trying to watch their carbon footprint. As great as they are for transportation, they can be very vulnerable when they are sharing the road with large and powerful cars and trucks. When an accident occurs between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, the bicycle rider usually comes out the loser since there is so little to protect the rider. Usually, a bicyclist is only wearing a helmet so that serious injuries can occur.

· If you’ve been in a catastrophic accident, you may wish to ask your lawyer or team looking after you to do an immediate needs assessment’. These work out what you need in the short and mid term to help you recover. In the case of accidents that require you to be wheelchair or crutch bound, you’ll possibly be able to get advance support such as thing to help you with house conversions.

· You should sue if someone were negligent it’s not your fault that you were in an accident.

· With a bit of forethought, and information about the best team to hire, you should be able to recover some recompense for your accident remember to always use a reputable legal team or no win no fee company. If you can’t find one, your home insurance may be able to recommend one for you (and if you have legal cover on them, they will give you a short list of whom to work with).

· Once you’ve sorted out the legalities of the claim, remember to give yourself time to settle the case some are easily settled in a few months, while some take a year or years.

Although you follow all of the rules of safety on the roads, you or someone you know may end up at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the driver of a car who failed to obey the rules. The steps you take immediately after a bicycle accident can make the difference in successfully holding the car driver responsible.

Report the accident and be factual

· Never let the driver convince you that they will handle it without reporting it to the police or their insurance company. Injuries and damages to your bike may not be apparent at the scene. Having a police investigation provides independent confirmation of what occurred.

Obtain the driver's identifying information

· Some drivers will stop momentarily and then leave without warning. Some fail to stop. In those situations, a description of the vehicle and a tag number may be all you have. When the driver stops and remains at the scene, get their driver's license information and any other identifying information they give you.

Identify any witnesses

· It is quite common for witnesses to identify themselves and fail to stop. Obtaining individual witness identification can make an enormous difference in proving the fault of the other driver. Any witness information you or someone else obtains should be given to the police but keep a copy for yourself, as well.

Document the scene

· The exact location of the point of impact, the direction and movement of any vehicle involved, as well as any physical debris or marks on the roadway or surrounding surfaces can be critically important evidence. Have someone make note of such information, diagram it for yourself, make sure the police are aware of it and take any photos you can. Use your cell phone camera, if necessary.

· Seek needed medical treatment. The failure to do this is one of the most common mistakes which will hurt an otherwise valid claim.

· Make sure you describe to any doctor or medical provider how you were injured and the fact that you were hit on your bike by a car. Describe all of your injuries. Many times initial doctor reports are inaccurate. These inaccuracies can hurt a valid claim.

Report the accident to each insurance company

· Do not assume the other driver will report the accident to their insurance company. They frequently do not, even in serious accidents. In Florida, your medical bills can be paid by your automobile insurance company under your No-Fault (PIP) coverage. You will need a claim number from your insurance company to give to medical providers. If you do not own a motor vehicle or have No-Fault coverage available to you, the No-Fault coverage on the car that hit you will be available for your bills instead. In this situation, you will need their claim number.

Preserve evidence

· Damage to your bike needs to be documented by a repair shop and photographed to preserve evidence of it. You should consult with your lawyer whether the damaged bicycle should be repaired or preserved as evidence. Save all damaged items you were wearing such as helmet, gloves, clothing or anything else (i.e. backpacks, etc.) Make sure evidence is well photographed and preserved.

Consult with a personal injury lawyer

· If you've been injured, never forget that the claims adjuster's goal is to pay you as little as possible to settle any bodily claim. Some may even tell you that you don't need a lawyer. They know dealing with them, without a lawyer, is not a level playing field! Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you speak with an adjuster or sign any forms