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Advice On Choosing The Right Lawyer

It doesn't matter if you have a small business or if you are dealing with an international corporation, there are problems that can occur from time to time. In some cases, you're going to be able to handle the problems on your own but in others, you may have a need for some type of legal advice. That's is why it is very important for you to make sure that you have a lawyer by your side before those problems ever occur. After all, it can help you to build a level of trust with that attorney that is going to benefit you, should any type of difficulty ever arise.

You need to do a little bit of research so that you choose one that is going to work well for you. Some attorneys are going to be more personable and they may work with your personality more than others. This is certainly something that you would want to keep in mind because if a stressful situation comes up, you would want to feel comfortable with the attorney that you chose.

At some point in one's life, it's likely that they'll face charges they'll want to fight. Securing the right lawyer for the case at hand, and the individual being charged is the key to success.

By following some easy steps, one can match themselves with a lawyer that can work the system and relieve them of some or all the charges brought against them. It's true that even those who have gone through the legal process before can have problems working with certain law professionals. Suffer much less stress and have more success by following these tips.

Try to Avoid the Common Mistakes

There are many common mistakes that one can make when searching for a lawyer. While it's normal to be stressed out during a legal battle, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is the defendant's life and the outcome could change it exponentially.

When on the hunt for a Rhode Island attorney, keep in mind these common mistakes:

- Don't choose a lawyer based on a television commercial
- Never pick a lawyer from The Yellow Pages
-Don't trust ads that come in the mailbox

The best ways to find a legitimate attorney is through friends, family, and coworkers. Getting personal recommendations will put one's mind at ease; Especially when going through such a tough process.

Get References
As earlier stated, the excellent way to secure an attorney is by word of mouth. When the defendant gets advice from someone they trust, it goes a long way.

Another way to get references that is via the Internet. A quick Internet search can reveal reviews and ratings for several Rhode Island attorneys. This can help the accused to determine if they want to work with the individual and if they would be a good professional match.

It's also important to choose the lawyer based on their area of specialty. Make sure they have plenty of experience and a proven record of success in the subject matter of the case at hand. When they practice the type of law needed, there's a better chance that the results will be favorable.

Learn about their Payment Methods
No one wants to be surprised when it comes time to pay their legal professional. That's why it's important to find out their payment methods ahead of time. Most Rhode Island attorneys will ask for a retainer. This is an upfront fee based on the estimated total cost of their services. One must understand that there's no way for a law professional to know exactly how much the case will cost especially if they charge by the hour.

For this reason, it's important to get an estimate in writing that includes what's the lawyer's plan of action is, and when the or how they plan to execute it.

Track their Progress
One way that your mind and wallet can be put at ease is by tracking the attorney throughout the entire process. This can be done by keeping notes and securing all paperwork in a folder. Keep the timeline or outline that was provided by the lawyer and hold on to their promises.

If only a retainer was paid and not the amount for the case in full, then the defendant can hold off paying a professional until they've met their end of the bargain. Of course, it's always nice to work the professional relationship by keeping the lines of communication open throughout the case.

Experience Matters To A Great Extent
Before choosing the legal services of the attorney, you should consider their expectation. As you must be very well aware, it can be divided into different categories:-

As it's a well-known fact, consider the years of experience they have been in the business.Of course, you can easily find the difference between an experienced lawyer and someone who has just started their career.

A lawyer who has been in the niche for a long time knows more about the courtroom practices, and so he can assure you with great results. They can deal with any unexpected events within the shortest possible time.

While experience plays a very crucial role, you should also consider the geographical area while choosing a lawyer. What this mean is that a lawyer from a particular state may not be aware of all the rules and regulations. Along with it, laws vary from one state to another. So you should always look for an attorney who has lived in your area for a long time.

When it comes to dealing with legal issues, there are many subjects and practices which one needs to understand. You should look for someone who has specialized in the particular niche in which you are interested. If you are searching for a lawyer to represent you in the criminal case, then you should always focus on hiring someone who specializes.

There are many problems that can occur in the course of your business which would require some type of legal assistance as well. It is important that, when choosing an lawyer, you choose one that is going to be able to represent you in most of those cases. This will help to make it more beneficial for you and to keep you from having to jump from one attorney to another, depending upon which problems you are experiencing. Incidentally, once you have an established relationship with an attorney, they may also be able to help you with any personal problems that arise as well. Since you have them on retainer for your business, it is likely that they will work hard for you on any personal problems.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How To Claim For Water Damage

Though there is no doubt that water is life and life is water, too much of water can come with its own share of problems and devastation. Each year, not only in Singapore, but also in other parts of the world we come across dozens of cases where excess water might have caused extensive damage. It could have ruined bridges, roads and public infrastructure. It could also have damaged homes, properties, parks and even nursing homes and hospitals. Hence as an end user of water we must know the downsides of too much water and must be prepared to face the various eventualities associated with it.

As far as individual homes and apartments are concerned, it is important to have some basic idea as to how one could protect themselves from financial and other losses caused by water damage. While taking proactive and preventive measures are the best ways forward, this might always not happen. If you are staying on rent, the landlord may not have put the required safety attributes in place. If you own a home or apartment of your own, certain wrongdoings by your neighbors or the public utility service providers could lead to damages being caused by water.

Insuring The Home Is The Best Way Forward

Since water damages are unpredictable and you do not know as to when they happen, you must be prepared for it well in advance. As mentioned above you could take some reasonable care to ensure that you take preventive steps to avoid damages to your property, furniture and fixtures and other movable assets because of water. However, if still you face losses and damages having a suitable insurance policy could be helpful. It could help you to lodge a claim with the insurance company and get compensated for the losses which you might have suffered. However, you must be aware of the terms and conditions which are covered under the policy. Here are a few aspects which are usually covered by insurance companies with regard to damages caused by water.

Water leaks leading to property damage is almost certainly covered by most insurance policies. It could be because of broken pipes, sewers or because of seepage or drain water. However, here too the onus lies on the home owner to prove that that the damage has been caused by extraneous factors over which the owner has no control.

Roof leaks are one of the biggest reasons for loss of property and damage to costly fixtures and fittings. Hence, when going in for an insurance policy against damage caused by water, this factor should be taken into account. Before signing on the dotted line it is important to be doubly sure that roof leaks and the damages they cause are a part of the insurance policy. The quantum of reimbursement and compensation payable are also pre-set by many insurance companies and the same should also be always taken into account.

Bursting of water tanks and leakages from sprinklers and other installations are also usually covered under such policies. But here too the quantum of coverage varies from one service provider to another and also on the quantum of coverage that you are opting for as an insurance company. Hence, this point must never be lost sight of when going in for insurance policies.

Floods are by default covered by almost each and insurance companies and therefore as a customer you should try and get the best deal out of it under all circumstances. You must try and include everything in your homes under such flood related policies because a nasty flood could wipe out almost everything.

Things Which Are Not Usually Covered

While we have talked about events and happenings which are covered under insurance policies, there are quite a few exceptions to the rule about which also we must be aware of. Here are a few such exceptions which must be taken into account while negotiating an insurance policy:

Water damages sometimes could be caused by willful destruction of properties and other such happenings. These are strictly out of the ambit of insurance coverage and as a customer you must be aware of the same.

Damages caused because of wear and tear and depreciation where water has a role to play is also not covered under such insurance claim. For example, taps, faucets, water pipes, sewage pipes, and other such constructions go through natural wear and tear. Hence is water damage is caused because of such ageing and other normal decaying processes, the same are usually not covered by insurance companies.

Damages caused by nuclear weapons and other factors such as ionizing radiations are normally not covered by many insurance companies.

Damages are often caused by pipes which are rusted or because of bad and poor maintenance of the piping and plumbing systems. These damages are not covered by most insurance companies. However, some companies might cover it, but the premium cost will be extremely high and it may not offer the right value for money.

How To File A Damage Claim

Though the best option would be to stay away from such water damages, you cannot predict how nature will behave. Hence if you are faced with a situation where genuine damage has occurred because of water, you must be in a position to file the right claim so that you are adequately compensated for the loss. Here are a few steps which could help you in this regard.

If an accident occurs ensure that life is not put at risk. Once you are sure damage is occurred call the appropriate authorities. Try and take steps to prevent further loss.

Take photographs of the damaged area if possible because it will stand in good stead as a witness.

The damage can be informed to the insurer over phone or through mail and other mobile apps. If possible attach photographs which you have taken.

You must fill out the formal claim form along with supporting documents. The insurance policy number, the premium paid details and other such things could help hasten things.

You must put a value for the damages suffered by you, though the final call on the compensation will be taken by the insurance companies.

Monday, 10 October 2016

How To Claim For Bicycle Accident?

Bicycling has become a very popular means of transportation, both for recreation and for commuting to work. As the price of gas has skyrocketed, more people are turning to their bicycles as an economical means of transportation. It is also a great alternative for those who are trying to watch their carbon footprint. As great as they are for transportation, they can be very vulnerable when they are sharing the road with large and powerful cars and trucks. When an accident occurs between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, the bicycle rider usually comes out the loser since there is so little to protect the rider. Usually, a bicyclist is only wearing a helmet so that serious injuries can occur.

· If you’ve been in a catastrophic accident, you may wish to ask your lawyer or team looking after you to do an immediate needs assessment’. These work out what you need in the short and mid term to help you recover. In the case of accidents that require you to be wheelchair or crutch bound, you’ll possibly be able to get advance support such as thing to help you with house conversions.

· You should sue if someone were negligent it’s not your fault that you were in an accident.

· With a bit of forethought, and information about the best team to hire, you should be able to recover some recompense for your accident remember to always use a reputable legal team or no win no fee company. If you can’t find one, your home insurance may be able to recommend one for you (and if you have legal cover on them, they will give you a short list of whom to work with).

· Once you’ve sorted out the legalities of the claim, remember to give yourself time to settle the case some are easily settled in a few months, while some take a year or years.

Although you follow all of the rules of safety on the roads, you or someone you know may end up at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the driver of a car who failed to obey the rules. The steps you take immediately after a bicycle accident can make the difference in successfully holding the car driver responsible.

Report the accident and be factual

· Never let the driver convince you that they will handle it without reporting it to the police or their insurance company. Injuries and damages to your bike may not be apparent at the scene. Having a police investigation provides independent confirmation of what occurred.

Obtain the driver's identifying information

· Some drivers will stop momentarily and then leave without warning. Some fail to stop. In those situations, a description of the vehicle and a tag number may be all you have. When the driver stops and remains at the scene, get their driver's license information and any other identifying information they give you.

Identify any witnesses

· It is quite common for witnesses to identify themselves and fail to stop. Obtaining individual witness identification can make an enormous difference in proving the fault of the other driver. Any witness information you or someone else obtains should be given to the police but keep a copy for yourself, as well.

Document the scene

· The exact location of the point of impact, the direction and movement of any vehicle involved, as well as any physical debris or marks on the roadway or surrounding surfaces can be critically important evidence. Have someone make note of such information, diagram it for yourself, make sure the police are aware of it and take any photos you can. Use your cell phone camera, if necessary.

· Seek needed medical treatment. The failure to do this is one of the most common mistakes which will hurt an otherwise valid claim.

· Make sure you describe to any doctor or medical provider how you were injured and the fact that you were hit on your bike by a car. Describe all of your injuries. Many times initial doctor reports are inaccurate. These inaccuracies can hurt a valid claim.

Report the accident to each insurance company

· Do not assume the other driver will report the accident to their insurance company. They frequently do not, even in serious accidents. In Florida, your medical bills can be paid by your automobile insurance company under your No-Fault (PIP) coverage. You will need a claim number from your insurance company to give to medical providers. If you do not own a motor vehicle or have No-Fault coverage available to you, the No-Fault coverage on the car that hit you will be available for your bills instead. In this situation, you will need their claim number.

Preserve evidence

· Damage to your bike needs to be documented by a repair shop and photographed to preserve evidence of it. You should consult with your lawyer whether the damaged bicycle should be repaired or preserved as evidence. Save all damaged items you were wearing such as helmet, gloves, clothing or anything else (i.e. backpacks, etc.) Make sure evidence is well photographed and preserved.

Consult with a personal injury lawyer

· If you've been injured, never forget that the claims adjuster's goal is to pay you as little as possible to settle any bodily claim. Some may even tell you that you don't need a lawyer. They know dealing with them, without a lawyer, is not a level playing field! Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you speak with an adjuster or sign any forms

Monday, 26 September 2016

Finding The Right Defamation Attorney

A defamation attorney usually handles cases in which an individual is accused of saying or publishing malicious statements that can ruin the reputation of another person. A defamation lawyer can work on behalf of the accused person or work on behalf of the plaintiff to obtain compensation in defamation person’s character. Choosing a suitable lawyer to represent you in defamation cases in Singapore is a daunting task. There many lawyers in Singapore, who assist their clients, thus making it necessary to compare the available attorneys to find one who can represent the clients without any bias.

 Here are tips you should consider when looking for a defamation attorney in Singapore. 

#1. Experience 
Not all lawyers in Singapore have enough experience in the legal industry. Therefore, you should inquire about the experience of your preferred lawyer. If you want the best defamation lawyer in Singapore, you should look for one with a minimum of 5 years experience. Hiring an experienced attorney is beneficial since long experience has exposed them to the legal procedures of the country. In this case, an experienced lawyer will be in a better position of moving the court for their clients. If you consider the experience, it will help you avoid lawyers who are unreliable in Singapore. In an event that you hire inexperienced attorney, there will be higher chances of losing the case. 

#2. Asking for references 
Asking for references is the most easiest and straightforward tip for finding the right attorney. In this case, you can get referrals from friends, work colleagues, family or other people close to you. This is a great way of getting information about the particular lawyer you may consider. When it comes to referrals, people are very willing to recommend you to some of the best attorneys in the country. These reputable attorneys can provide you with the best services you can ever find in Singapore. 

#3. Look at attorney directories 
Few people in Singapore know this tip for finding the right defamation lawyer through attorney directories. It is easier to look at attorneys who have proficiency in various legal fields. In this case, you will find an attorney who has what it takes on a specific legal field. The attorney directories usually consist of the details of every reputable lawyer in the country. This will help to avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong attorney who may prove unreliable later on. 

#4. Check for reviews 
Before deciding to hire a specific lawyer to handle your case, read the review of the specific law firm from the past and present clients. These reviews will enable you to find a suitable law firm in Singapore hence finding an advocate in that law firm to handle your case. You can find the reviews on the internet, newspapers, magazines, local directories and other resources. In this instance, the attorney who is reputable always gets many testimonials from the clients. Consider hiring an attorney who has made many of the clients happy. If the clients are satisfied, there is no doubt that attorney provides high-quality services.

#5. Consider the fees involved 
This is one of the critical tips when looking for a great defamation attorney to represent you in the case. The fee charged by a lawyer may not be the same as that of another lawyer. Therefore, it is important to contact the lawyers and check out their rates before hiring them. Moreover, you should check if such lawyers offer discounts to their clients. Usually, most of the lawyers provide an instant quotation to the clients upon inquiries about their rates. You should remember that inquiries are done at no fee. In general, you should choose a lawyer who charges reasonable fee in order to avoid landing in financial trouble. 

#6. Free consultations 
In the process of looking for a perfect attorney, you should check if they offer free consultations. Most of the lawyers in Singapore are ready to provide a free consultation to their potential clients. If possible, schedule for many consultations with different attorneys in order to find the best among them. In this case, you will compare them and settle for one with in-depth knowledge in the legal field. If a lawyer asks for a consultation fee, you should flee away as that lawyer may be interested in your money. 

#7. Registered attorneys 
Registration status is one of the most important things to look when hiring defamation attorney to represent you in the case. It is uncommon to find some people who act as lawyers and practice without being registered by relevant bodies. In this case, registered lawyers are recognized and allow practicing law in Singapore. Finding the registration status of the lawyers is simple- all you need to do is to visit the website for more information. The website for lawyers association will provide you with the necessary information regarding the registration status of your preferred lawyer. Moreover, you can check on the internet for the directories of registered attorneys in Singapore. The validity period of the registration should also be considered so as to minimize the likelihood of falling into the hands of the rogue attorney. 

#8. Reputation
In Singapore, the reputation of the lawyer matters when it comes to handling cases. Most attorneys who have built a reputation for themselves offer better legal services with higher chances of winning the case. A reputable lawyer has handled many cases and has succeeded in most of them. If you want to know the reputation of a particular lawyer, you ought to consult with the lawyers’ association or colleagues. Hiring a lawyer with a bad reputation can bring a lot of disasters because they have fewer chances of winning the case. It will be painful if you lose the case that you have a lot of money on hiring the attorney. 

Choosing a good defamation attorney in Singapore can be a bit challenging. However, if you follow the above tips, you will have high chances of getting a reputable attorney who will represent you in the case. Choosing an individual with great personality and knowledge in the legal professional will give you a lot of benefits. However, you should approach the whole matter with a sober mind to get the best defamation lawyer. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Why Are Lawyers So Expensive?

Much like doctors, people in Singapore do not particularly feel delighted if they ever have to visit a lawyer. In fact, the decision to hire a lawyer falls into the category of a “distress purchase.” After all, when people hire lawyers, they technically buy the legal service being offered, and they do not hire a lawyer because they feel like it would be nice having a lawyer. It is a distress purchase because people hire lawyers during an emergency, whether they have been in a car accident or need to get a divorce. Keeping this in mind, it somewhat makes sense why people have to pay a lot to hire lawyers, but there are also other reasons why they are so expensive.

Nominal Rigidity

Nobody would like it if their salaries were to get cut, which is the reason that cutting salaries was avoided by most companies. Companies would rather temporarily or permanently terminate a certain number of employees instead of cutting salaries. Of course, the recent years have brought about changes in this regard, especially in industries like finance and technology that tend to be highly volatile.

However, the legal profession is one industry where some aspect of nominal rigidity still exists, i.e. the wages of lawyers either remain constant or gradually go up. Consequently, billing rates that are charged by law firms are directly parallel to this because they too never go down. The problem is that often, many lawyers are so overpriced that many prospective clients cannot afford to hire them even if they want to, and so at times, they just sit around doing nothing.

Barely Any Discounts

People these days have gotten too used to discount shopping. Vendors selling an assortment of products are able to offer discounts to customers who make purchases in high volume and/or in order to get desirable customers to keep returning to them. Of course, as mentioned, while lawyers are technically selling their legal service, people hire lawyers in times of emergencies. Whether or not there is room in the legal profession to offer discounts is kind of unclear. However, even if and when lawyers do offer discounts to their clients, the discounts are rarely higher than 20%.

The Legal System Is Expensive, Sloppy & Sluggish

It is a harsh reality, but the legal system is not exactly cheap, considering all the court fees and filing fees involved. Hence, people who are poor and cannot afford to pay are often denied access to it. There are many other considerable expenses and fees that have to be paid once someone decides to access the legal system, such as ad infinitum, court reporters, deposition fees, expert witness fees, and travel charges. Since lawyers generally and temporarily bear these costly expenses, their clients ultimately have to pay back whatever was spent. In this case, it is just how the legal system is, lawyers do not have much doing in this.

Considerable Amount Of Overhead

The fact that top law firms tend to have lavish office spaces in distinguished buildings should be an obvious sign of how considerable their overhead can be. It may not seem like a necessity, but this is a profession or industry of prestige. Lawyers have a certain image to maintain, which means they need to have a decent office and a decent wardrobe.

While it may seem unfair that clients are charged for such expenses, there is a lot more that is included in overhead costs. Overhead may include auto expenses, bar dues, books, clerical help, continuing education, errors and omissions insurance, rent, subscriptions, telephone bills, and more. This is how billing rates keep going up and up in the legal profession and consequently, it costs clients tremendously when they decide to hire a lawyer.

“Billable Hour” Is A Flexible Term

There are lawyers in Singapore that bill by the quarter hour or a fraction of that. In such cases, clients who have merely a 30 second conversation with their lawyer end up paying 25% of whatever hourly rate their lawyer charges. However, there are also buyers who are not very good when it comes to billing and may not charge for a lot of the work that they do for their clients, but is a rarity.

Law Firms Are Competitive Even In Terms Of Associate Salaries

Large and top tier law firms happen to be very competitive when it comes to the salaries they pay, especially to the associates working for them. In fact, many of these large, top-tier law firms try their best to match each or even outdo each other in terms of associate salaries. Therefore, whenever a large firm announces a new figure as a raise for their associates, all other top-tier law firms also raise their associate salaries to match that. There are particularly cities in Singapore where the law firms have been leading such changes for decades. Once they decide to pay their associates higher salaries, their clients end up having to pay higher billing rates.

The Bottom Line – Lawyers Are Expensive

Ultimately, legal services that lawyers offer should never be compared to non-legal products. Once a retainer has been signed by a client, the client’s problems truly become the lawyer’s problems, in every sense. It is the lawyer’s job to ensure that their clients do not have to worry about their emergency situation anymore and they fulfill that job competently since they are paid handsomely for it. This is one reason lawyers are so very careful about deadlines and missing a hearing is never an option for them.

The fact that the legal system is expensive and consequently lawyers are expensive too simply cannot be changed. When facing an emergency that requires the assistance of a legal professional, people ultimately must hire a lawyer and surely it is a matter of whether or not they can afford to. However, those who can afford to hire a high-priced lawyer should accept the fact, but at the same time they should also make sure that the lawyer they hire is worth the price.

That is why it is best to only hire a lawyer from a reputable and reliable law firm in Singapore that has an incredible success rate, with experienced and skilled lawyers always available. In fact, there are law firms in Singapore with affordable prices, you just need to know where to look.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Can Whatsapp Message Be Used As Evidence In Court?

Digital evidence refers to the use of information stored in a digital platform. The use of this kind of evidence is becoming popular in these modern times. More and more people are presenting the messages in their phone as evidence for the infidelity of their spouses. Given that more documents are becoming digitized, the law courts are forced to follow suit by accepting such documents as evidence. The courts have to keep up with the latest changes in technology. The trend has seen courts embrace technological changes by accepting electronic communications as evidence. Whatsapp is a popular social media that is fast changing the way people communicate all over the world. That is why it is one of the common evidences that people present in court. Nowadays, use of whatsapp messages as evidence has become popular in courts. They are used as evidence especially when there is a cheating spouse. The messages that the cheating spouse sent can be used as to incriminate tem in family court. That is why people ate always advised to be careful about what they say as it can be used against them.

However, digital evidence has to be properly presented for it to be considered. This is because of the fact that a person can tamper with another person’s phone just to get him in trouble. Courts know this very well and are always cautious. There are so many aspects that an evidence should have for it to be presented in a court of law. First and foremost, it should be relevant. Secondly, it should be authentic and lastly, the document should be admissible. With that in mind, there is no doubt that electronic communication posse all the above aspects. The only thing that may be difficult to determine is its authenticity. This is because some information may be cut out. However, there are certain things that need to be done when you want to present whatsapp messages as evidence. You are probably wondering whether the texts can be used in court. Can whattsapp message be used as evidence in court? The answer is yes. However, there are a number of things that the court looks at to determine whether the evidence has the three aspects required. It is important first to know what the law of Singapore says with regards to the use of electronic communication.

Singapore evidence law

The law of Singapore has put in place certain measure to ensure that people do not use electronic communication in the court. The Singapore government has put in place certain guidelines to be followed on the use of electronic evidence. Singapore government has not been left behind in the technological advancements. For this reason, the country has embraced the use of electronic evidence in courts. However, there are certain pointers that have to be followed to make this happen.

According to the electronic data interchange (EDI) there are certain considerations for one use digital evidence. Some of the legal issues of the EDI system are the only the best evidence be used; this means that if there is a paper evidence, then it should be used. If that is not possible, then a person can make use of electronic communication. The second issue is that; the method of authentication should be accurate. This only means that you should use authentic methods that are well known. The other legal issue according to the EDI is that the electronic evidence can only be used where there is no original document in paper form. You will not present the electronic evidence if you have paper evidence that will incriminate the opposing party. Digital evidence can be used in divorce since information is passed on digital platforms. Now that you know what is required, you need to do a few things for your evidence to be considered in court.

Make the evidence authentic
It is advisable that you authenticate the evidence before presenting it to a court of law. You need to have proof that shows that the opposing party wrote the message. You can do this by asking the opposing party to agree to send the text. In case the opposing party refuses to do agree his crime, you can look for an eyewitness to authenticate the text. The testimony of the eyewitness will be used to make the text authentic. In case this is not possible, you can make use of circumstantial evidence. The reason why the digital evidence has to be authenticated is that a third party could have tampered with the opposing party’s phone. For this reason, courts are always reluctant to use the evidence even if it came from a specific phone. The text should not be used as evidence if it has not been authenticated. Therefore, you have to do everything possible to make sure that it is authentic. It will also work in your favor when you have authentic evidence.

Messages sent by the opposing party
When it comes to divorce anything that the opposing party wrote can be used against them in the court. You can use the text message you have received by uploading them to your computer. These texts can later be printed for use in the court. The text messages can be used to show evidence of verbal abuse that took place several years ago. You have to make sure that you only use the messages that the opposing party sent to you. You should print out the conversation the two of you had.

You can easily make use of your whatsapp messages to sue your partner for infidelity. The only thing that you have to do is make sure that you follow the required procedure to make your evidence authentic. Do not hesitate to go to court just because you do not have any formally written evidence. You will have a strong case once you have your sms authenticated. All you have to do is make sure that you follow the guidelines set forth in the Singapore government law regarding use of digital evidence.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Different Lawyer Types In Singapore

Singapore is home to one of the best education systems in the world. Its high education level enables bright, young minds and aspiring individuals to achieve their dreams and become respected professionals in their own fields. Perhaps the industry that benefited the most from this favorable growth is the legal field, where thousands of lawyers have emerged to proliferate both in Singapore and around the world. There are many different types of lawyer, and each one has a specialization in a particular field. Presented below is a comprehensive list of titles, along with what they can do for you in times of legal issues:

1. Criminal Defense
This lawyer type is probably the most celebrated lawyer type in and out of media. You can catch a glimpse of what they do in popular TV shows and movies, where they defend their clients against a criminal charge. Some of the most common cases they tackle are theft, the use or distribution of illegal drugs, speeding, and many more. Lawyers who defend their clients against criminal accusations are an integral part of the justice system, as they represent and try to prove an argument, parlaying against the full penalty or even waiving the charges if the client can be proven innocent.

2. Public Interest
A Public Interest lawyer is more interested in protecting human rights above everything else, but on a much wider scale. They protect the public's interest; i.e, tackling health justice cases, environmental issues on a community scale, and putting disability rights to good use are some good examples of what they do. Their operation is akin to charity, but the rewards they gain are immense, as major changes can happen once they win a legal battle.

3. Property and Real Estate
As Singapore's real estate is growing rapidly over recent years, Real Estate attorneys are getting much of the limelight these days. This lawyer type is mostly involved in handling legal disputes in regards to tenants and the respective landlords. Their expertise in real estate regulations and current laws put them in-between as mediators that have the capability to settle problems in a homeowner-neighbor property dispute. People from the real estate industry will always recommend to see a Real Estate attorney before signing any contract.

4. Personal Injury
Personal Injury has recently seen a surge of lawyers in Singapore. This lawyer type will help individuals and those who have been injured by another liable party to receive compensation for what happened to them. Personal injury cases such as automobile accidents, traffic accidents, amputation, respiratory illnesses, burn injuries, or chronic pain resulting from an accident can be handled by a Personal Injury lawyer. Head injuries, back and shoulder pain, knee and foot injury that aren't self-inflicted can appeal to this type of lawyer for compensation purposes. Injury in the workplace (such as construction sites), repetitive stress, and occupational diseases can also be taken in by a Personal Injury attorney.

5. Immigration
Immigration attorneys are the go-to people should you have any legal issues with citizenship. They can help you obtain a fully-legalized Singapore citizenship in the best and the fastest way possible, without circumventing any steps or legal process along the way. Not only can they help individuals get legal citizenship in Singapore, but they can also assist those who are looking to get business citizenship for working in Singapore and its many industries.

6. Divorce and Family
Family lawyers handle sensitive interpersonal, family problems such as marriage and divorce. They are amongst the most important and most affable group of lawyers you can find in Singapore, and with good reason. These attorneys handle the delicate task of restoring social order within families by providing viable, amicable solutions. They will be there and speak in your behalf when proceeding with divorce, mostly handling the task of defending your child custody rights and distribution of wealth. You can also hire a family lawyer for adoption processes or when needing legal advice on any of the matters presented above.

7. Employment
Employment lawyers are in demand as the country of Singapore has a substantial figure when it comes to workforce population. This group of attorneys normally side in with the employees and defend their rights as they work in a company. Cases such as overtime disputes, payroll, compensation, gender or age discrimination can be presented to an Employment attorney. They can also be hired to work out employee compensation benefits such as retirement programs, vacation and sick leaves, and the like. Unwitting sexual harassment victims can plead their case and have an employment lawyer defend them.

8. DUI
Driving Under Influence lawyers specifically handle legal disputes over individuals who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These kind of charges are very serious, and DUI attorneys are adept at defending you from harm. They cover DUI regulations, aggravated DUI cases, felony, and even drunk biking cases whenever it presents itself.

9. Civil Rights
This lawyer type is critical in educating the layperson understand his or her civil rights. Domestic abuse are some of the most common cases a civil rights lawyer can face. These lawyers know and commit to memory the constitutional law, which is especially helpful for any civil dispute. Civil liberties and discrimination against clients are their forte. The recent spats over gay and lesbian rights have catapulted them up front and in the center of media spotlights.

10. Corporate and Business
There are certain kinds of lawyers who only work in the business and corporate sectors. They handle small and mega-contracts alike, ensuring that everything is compliant, legal, and that both corporate parties are in a mutual agreement. Corporate lawyers can work in patent or litigation problems that affect business and corporate entities.

11. Bankruptcy
Debts and the complicated process of bankruptcy in all its forms are the forte of a Bankruptcy lawyer. This lawyer type is in very high demand when it comes to the banking sectors in and around Singapore. Business can contact one should they need an expert in filing for bankruptcy, or in defending against it. They are also rated as one of the most efficient legal consultants among all other lawyer types.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

6 Ways To Do Your Own Debt Recovery

If you are now suffering because of a huge debt, do not worry. You are not the only one experiencing that and there is always a solution for a problem. Having a debt maybe caused by a major financial difficulty that your family faces now. It can also be caused by not being able to control your expenses. Whatever your reason is for having a debt, you can always recover from it.

Debt recovery is something that is very possible to do. Determination and dedication are the things that are vital for you to achieve anything that you set your mind into. Below is the list of 6 ways to do your own debt recovery.

1. Accept the you situation that are now facing
For you to be able to recover from your debt, the first thing that you need to do is to accept that you already have debt to settle. According to psychological studies, persons who do not acknowledge the problems they face will never be able to fully solve the problem they are facing. That is why people must accept the fact that they are already facing a huge debt and they need to take big steps in order to settle it.

In addition, what has already been done is already in the past so people must be able to look forward. There is not turning back so you just need to walk forward. Looking and walking forward will also be the best way for you to help yourself. You can also get rid of the guiltiness and depression that you can have if ever you do not accept the reality. Energy and time can also be saved if you will immediately act in order to pay your debt.

2. Take an inventory
The second step that you need to take for you to recover from your debt is to take an inventory of your current situation. You should know the available resources that you have now, the liabilities that you still face and most importantly you should have a plan on how to take back the good future that you once had.

Also, developing a realistic plan will greatly help you in paying your debt. Having a plan is like having a road map in your hands. The plan will lead you to the path that will bring you to your desired destination. For you to develop a good plan, there are some questions that you need to ask to yourself. Below are the questions that you need to ask to yourself.

-How much do you owe?
-What are your assets?
-How much is your monthly income?
-How much do you spend every month?
-What is your credit card score?

3. Define your desired goals
The third step for a successful debt recovery is to define clear goals or objectives. Reaching your desired path can only be attained if you will define your goals. The "SMART" goals setting system is what you really need to use in this step. First, your goals must be specific. The goals that you will set must be definable and clear with the result that you want. Second, the goals must be measurable which means that you must make sure that you can measure the progress of your work towards your goals. Third, your goals must be attainable. The goals that you will set must be realistic and based on your abilities and resources. Setting a goal that is not attainable will only waste your time. Fourth, your goals must be realistic. You must do the math and make sure that your current spending and savings will be able to completely pay your debt. Lastly, your goals must be timely. The time that you will give in order to pay your debt must be thought well. You should allot a specific time period that will allow you to pay your debt. Having the right goals will surely make you recover from your debt quickly.

4. Develop the plan that you will use
Now that you have defined your goals, it is now time for you to develop the plan that you will use. The plan that you must create must consider the knowledge that you have already gathered in the previous steps. In developing a plan, you need to form steps that will lead you to your desired goals. You must also consider the amount of time you have in order to settle your debt when creating your plan. Being positive while creating your plan will aid you in attaining good results in the future. Moreover, the plan that you develop must be fulfilling and fun so that you will enjoy the entire process of debt recovery. Make sure as well that you will be able to hone your skills and attitude while doing the steps in your plan. Remember that you can achieve anything if only you will give your best.

5. Take appropriate actions
Taking action is actually the hardest part for you to recover from your debt. Saying that you will do something is always different from actually doing something. The plan that you developed will never be able to succeed if you will not take appropriate actions. Take note that all the effort and time you did in the previous steps will be wasted if you will not take action. That is why you need to do all the steps that you need to do in order to achieve the goals of your plan.

6. Do the necessary corrections and be able to adjust accordingly
Committing mistakes is one thing that you will never be able to get rid of. Even if you experience mistakes and misfortunes, you just need to be able to know why you failed and do the necessary corrections for you to avoid the same mistakes. After that, you need to adjust accordingly. Changing for the better will greatly help you in paying your debt. Reaching your goals through exerting effort will always be worth it.

Indeed, debt recovery will be easier if you will follow the 6 ways above. Nothing is impossible if you will set your mind into it. Having a debt can also be prevented if you can effectively control your expenses and get rid of your habit of buying very expensive things. So use the 6 ways to do your own debt recovery now and be amazed by the great results that you will get!

Monday, 25 January 2016

What Should I Do If I Have Been Stalked In Singapore?

While walking down the street, do you feel like somebody is following you? Or when you are at work, do you feel uneasy as if someone is watching you? Or is it that you are noticing a certain someone wherever you go? If your answer to anyone of these questions is “yes”, then know that you have a stalker.

Do not take these feelings or intuition or actual proof too lightly! Being stalked (including cyber stalking) is very serious, and it will affect you in a negative way. So, what should you do now? Leave Singapore and move to another country with a new identity? Or lock your doors and windows and hide under the covers? Neither! This is because; you have the Protection from Harassment Act 2014.

Is this mean end of being stalked?
According to this Act; if you have been stalked and want to get rid of the person who is stalking you then you can do that by applying for protection in the Court.

This Act is definitely a bad news for any kind of stalker as this landmark legislation recognizes stalking as an offence. Besides stalking, some of the other offences that were laid out in Protection from Harassment Act 2014 are:

- Causing distress
- Causing alarm
- Causing fear
- Harassment
- Threatening
- Provoking an act of violence
- Insulting and/or abusing a public service worker or public servant.

Can this Act help you effectively?

If you feel that the Protection from Harassment Act cannot help you out or will not be applicable for your case, then know that it will be able to help you if you are being stalked regardless the method or mode.

To help you understand this better here are some hypothetical cases put in front of you. If you are dealing with any one or all of these imagined cases then get ready to say bye to your stalker as the following cases are offences that can be stop via legal help.

Case 1: Unlawful stalking like activities

- Suppose your stalker happens to:
- Participate in activities that can be related to stalking
- Be aware that his/her behavior will result into distress, alarm and harassment for you.
- Here are some examples to explain this well:
- Loitering in any place where you are present
- Following you
- Sending or giving material
- Keeping you under surveillance and other such activities.

If you are dealing with these situations then you can get riddance from being stalked with the help of this Act.

Case 2: Cyber alarm, harassment or distress
If your classmate or roommate or ex-partner posted an improper tirade against you on a social media website or any other website that is accessible to all your friends, family and acquaintances like:

- Posting threats to you or about you
- Posting anything abusive or insulting
- Posting a photo or video that you didn’t give consent to.
- Again in any one or all of these cases you can use this Act to get rid of your stalker.

Case 3: Intentional sexual harassment, distress and alarm
Suppose in any way are person like your co-worker is acting or speaking in a threatening, insulting or abusive way that is sexual in nature, then in also in this case you can seek help via this Act.

Here are some examples to explain this well:

- Spending emails or text to other co-workers about your body
- Spending any sort of gifts to you even when you asked to not to do that
- Circulating revealing pictures or videos without your consent.
- Loudly or graphically describing or stating anything sexual about you to others even though you can hear it.

Ways to get relief via this Act

So, these were some cases in which the Protection from Harassment Act 2014 can help you. But you can only use this Act to your advantage if you understand everything related to it better.

So, to make sure that you can truly bring down the reign of terror to your stalker here are some fact about this Act that you need to know:

Protection Order

This Act will allow the victim i.e. you the ability to apply for a Protection Order directly from the Court. This will direct the person who is stalking you to stop his/her harassing or stalking like behavior. In fact, this order will also direct any third party to stop downloading or re-publishing or spreading that your stalker put out there to harass you.

If the Court feels that your case is a matter of urgency, then you can also get the benefit of Expedited Protection Order immediately. You need to pay a certain amount (300-500 SGD) to lodge the complaint. If you feel that the amount is too much then you can take the help of Legal Aid Bureau.

Effective Outside Singapore

The best thing about this Act is that it is not only applicable on stalking in the physical world but also in the virtual world too. Because of the growing use of internet and different social media platforms, it has become easy for a person to cause distress to a Singaporean even if the person happens to live thousands of miles away. So, if your stalker lives outside of Singapore and is stalking you online then know that you can take the help of this Act. But, do understand that there are certain conditions needed to be complied.

Prove your innocence

Suppose your harasser provides a false statement to save his/her skin, and because of that statement you were proven wrong in court. This may be a matter of concern but, if you can prove the Court that your stalker has provided a false statement via any sort of compelling evidence then you will get to enjoy the desired outcome.

Perks of Penalties

If you think that the Act cannot stop the person who is stalking you then think again. If your stalker breaches the Expedited Protection Order or Protection Order then his/her action will be considered as a criminal offence and that person will be have to pay a hefty penalty. The person will have to either pay a fine of 5000 SGD (maximum) or have 12 months (maximum) of prison time. And, for repeated offenders its 10000 SGD and/or 24 months prison time (maximum).

Now you know how the Protection from Harassment Act 2014 can help you if you have been stalked. So, if you want to feel safe again do immediately seek legal help.