Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How to Choose Good Lawyers in Singapore

When in desperate times, finding a good lawyer is not an easy task. The success of your case depends on a number of things including your psychological and financial stability and the merits that you’ve put on the claim. However, with so many lawyers in Singapore, choosing the best one can be a bit challenging. It’s important to know that there is no definite list out there outlining the best lawyers in Singapore. Since the word best is subjective, it’s very important to choose a lawyer who can take care of your needs. You first need to ask yourself the kind of lawyer that you need and the avenues that you can use to find such a lawyer.

What kind of lawyer do you need?

Any search for help is usually based on the kind of help that you need. If you are dealing with complex issues, then you need to check a list of senior counsels in Singapore so as to choose the best one for you. Even though it will not be an easy thing to do, it’s still very important to do this as the first step. However, if you have a small corporation, then you need a small law firm to take care of your needs. In fact, most cases do not need a massive operation but just a personal advice.

Here are some of the tips to help you in choosing lawyers in Singapore

· Choose a lawyer with experience
Just like other fields where there are general practitioners, the law field is also structured in the same manner. It’s, therefore, advisable to choose the best lawyer in the exact specialization that you need. For instance, if you want a divorce, it’s very important to choose a divorce lawyer. By doing so, you can be assured that the lawyer will handle your case in the best way. You, therefore, need to check the lawyer’s area of practice before arranging for a consultation.

· Review online listings
One of the best places to find lawyers is via the websites. Thankfully, there are several websites offering reviews about lawyers. For you to get the best results, you need to check out at least two websites. By doing this, you will be able to find out whether you have settled on the best lawyer or not. You also need to review their profiles and know whether they have handled any case similar to yours before.

· Determine your budget

This is perhaps one of the best tips. You need to determine your budget so that you can know the amount of money that you can spend. There are three major payments options namely the fixed fee, bailable hour and retainer. If you are seeking a lawyer for a short-term issue, then you need to engage the lawyer at a fixed fee. However, if you have a long issue that you want to be resolved, you should opt for a retainer kind of agreement so that you don’t end up spending a lot of money. While most big firms charge per hour they usually have lawyers across all areas of practice and different experiences and are, therefore, able to deal with complex and sophisticated legal issues that could have involved lawyers of different specialties.

· Get recommendations from families and friends
One of the best sources of important information is the word of mouth. You need to talk to your family and friends so that you can know more about the lawyers they have used before. If you find that they have particular lawyers you need to know about their experiences and the kind of services that they offered before. You should also inquire whether they were happy with the services and whether they would recommend that lawyer.

· Look at attorney directories
While only a small number of people in Singapore know about this secret, it’s one of the best ways of finding a good lawyer in Singapore. It will take you a very short time to check out the lawyers who are experts in certain fields. The directory of attorneys has all the details of all the lawyers who are considered to be reputable and who are recognized in Singapore. This tip is critical since it will help you to avoid making any mistake when choosing lawyers.

· Consider getting free consultations
While still in the process of looking for a good lawyer, you need to consider asking whether there are any free consultations that lawyers can offer. Thankfully, there are many lawyers in Singapore who are always willing to offer their prospective clients free consultations. You can start by seeking these free consultations from different lawyers so that you may know the one who has the best services. This will help you compare them so that you can know the one to settle with depending on their experience and knowledge.

· Know about their reputation

The legal field in Singapore normally revolves around reputation. It’s, therefore, important to consider this when looking for a good lawyer. The better their reputation is, the better the kind of services that they will offer you in the long run. In order to know about their reputation, you need to consult with their fellow lawyers and their associations who know them better. It’s also important to check out whether these lawyers are registered or not. Remember, the registered lawyers are the only ones who are allowed to practice in Singapore.

· Know about the size of the firm
Just like other practices, law firms are not different. Although big companies might consider hiring well-established law firms, you should not hesitate to hire a lawyer from a small law firm. Hiring a good lawyer should basically depend on your case.


When it comes to choosing lawyers in Singapore there are many factors to consider. You, therefore, need to gather as much data as you can so as to end up with the best lawyer. But with these tips, you should be in a good position to make a decision when looking for a lawyer who will help you with your case. However, since you are trusting the lawyer with providing the service the responsiveness and the fees that they charge are also very important.